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ONES Database

Ads Source: From the latest and effective ads in Malaysia.

Ads Language: Mandarin, English and Malay.

Ads Data: Copywriting, Images, Videos, Advertisement settings, Advertisement results, etc

More than 1000 varieties of ads data: Never run out of ideas and inspirations!

Continuous Ad Updates: Effective real-time data, overcoming all challenges in advertising.

Just ONE click away, all the latest data will be in your grasp!


We Understand What You’re Going Through:

  • Spent too much time in advertisement, no time for business?
  • Spent too much money on outsource marketing, only to receive tons of excuses when the result is unfavorable?
  • Without reliable data, you hesitated to use existing advertisements as reference even though it was sourced from the Ad Library? Continue reading to know more.

As a result of using ONES Database

  • Improve your marketing quality with support from massive advertising data
  • Save Time and Cost by making your advertisements right at once.
  • Monitoring your competitor ‘s marketing strategy to know the current marketing trends.

Completing an Advertisement in just 3 Minutes:

  • Browse for advertising data with favorable results from ONES Database.
  • Improvise the data obtained, such as the image and copywriting details, and use them as materials for your advertisements.
  • Set your advertisements in Ads Manager according to the advertising data from ONES Database and you’re good to go!